Following the traces of the shepherds

Wildberg has been well-known for its long tradition of sheep farming and you will be able to track the live of a shepherd there. Every two years, the "Wildberger Schäferlauf" being the oldest historic regional festival of the Black Forest, takes place in July.

On the various theme paths you can learn a lot about the sheep and their shepherds. Starting point of these adventure tours is the monastery respectively the old sheep barn representing one of the oldest buildings of the sheep farming industry in southern Germany. From there, you walk through a diverse cultural landscape with fields, meadows and orchards until you reach the present town shepherd’s barn being run in the eighth generation.

Would you like to take another route back? The alternative route takes you through the Lützenschlucht (“Lützen Gorge”), which has certainly never been crossed by any sheep. From the plateau you have to descend a forest trail until you reach the shore of the Nagold river.

Hiking information:

Difficulty level: easy

Duration of both tours: 2.5 h and 8.8 km

Starting and destination point: Alte Schafscheuer in Wildberg