Raftsman Jockele’s adventures

Today’s settlement is essentially based on log-driving. You will be able to experience amazing historic facts when walking the “Flößerweg” along the former log-driving route.

Starting in Enzklösterle you will already be in the center of the action: Here you can interactively track the raftsmen’s route on the Enz river. The trail leads you through the beautiful nature to the main settings of log-driving: “Wiedeofen” as well as the lakes “Kaltenbachsee” and “Poppsee”. In addition to that this is the perfect place to set off to a culinary journey into the past. Taverns and restaurants along the footpath will serve you a variety of dishes that reflect the ancient traditions. At the end of the day you will have plenty of unforgettable memories to take home with you. So don’t hesitate and embark on an exciting adventure.

General information:

Difficulty level: moderate

Duration: approx. 7 hours, 23.4 km

Start and finish: Friedenstraße Enzklösterle

Accessibility by public transport: bus stop Hetschelhof