Treetop Walk

Mounting a 40-meter-high tower without any stairs? Have you ever moved a giant tree yourself or enjoyed a marvellous sunset high above the treetops of the Northern Black Forest? The recently inaugurated Treetop Walk on the Sommerberg in Bad Wildbad will definitely open up new vistas for you.

Once arrived at the upper platform you are rewarded by breathtaking views over an ocean of dense Black Forest woods. The construction of the cup-shaped tower consists of an outer ring of 12 double tilted laminated timber beams installed in a rotationally symmetrical configuration at the same distance from each other. This way they form a polygonal spatial construction. The 12 main supporting beams simultaneously lean outwards and counterclockwise. This is why exciting vistas arise making the “cup” seem oblique and twisted. Access can be obtained from the Treetop Walk at a height of about 5 m above the forest ground. Your walk to the observation deck takes you over a wooden spiral construction being fixed with cantilever beams of steel at the massive wooden pillars. Wooden longitudinal beams with wooden planks are fixed between the cantilever beams. Don’t miss to speed down the 55-metres tunnel slide inside the tower back to the exit (for persons 6 years of age and over).

Nachhaltiges Reiseziel

This is a sustainable partner business of the Northern Black Forest that is dedicated to acting in an environmentally friendly way for the benefit of our region. read more