Enzklösterle Blueberry town and fog free guarantee

Blueberry town and fog free guarantee

Enzklösterle is our most typical Black Forest town in the region. Here you’ll get a beautiful view of the landscape and on top of that a fog free guarantee! In the highly vegetated pine forest you can experience the Black Forest feeling on your very own. You can show off your skills at the Adventure Golf park or if you are not into golf that much you can start a hiking trip through the heart of the Black Forest the “Bärlochkar”.

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Enzklösterle Climbing Park


Enzklösterle Climbing Park

As you look down you can see the ground in large distance. Are you ready for one of the highest freefall jumps in Germany? If not, the park also offers a flying fox course with 7 varied levels of difficulty. Take the Hirschtalfox gliding over a distance of more than 400 meters at a height of 30 meters above the Hirschtal valley.

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