An animal experience im Schwarzwald

An animal experience in the Black Forest Unforgettable adventures with animals

Unforgettable adventures with animals

Do you love animals and want to experience an unforgettable adventure – watching a wild boar in action or discovering animals like deer in nature? This is the adventure you are looking for! Discover “the wild side of the Black Forest” when hiking with alpacas and goats or visiting a wildlife preserve.


Game enclosures


Watching and feeding animals in nature – just trace our native game species. Discover the game enclosures that are mentioned below. The...

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Alpaca trekking


Let yourself be fascinated by these animals that also encourage hiking-grouches to go for a walk in good mood. We show you some tips and...

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Goat trekking


Did you know that goats are one of the most ancient companions of the human being? For centuries, goats have been living together with...

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