Long distance hikes im Schwarzwald

Long distance hikes in the Black Forest Just hike in the nature

Just Hike in the nature

For a long time you have been planning your hike, your feet are restless and can’t wait to finally start off! A day hike through the Northern Black Forest is a multi-sensory adventure. Pure and wild nature surroundings, delicious regional dishes being offered to you in the huts, cultural delights and the magical feeling of hiking as far as your feet can carry you.


The “Westweg”


The „Westweg“ is probably the most well-known and definitely Germany’s oldest longdistance trail. It starts in the city of Pforzheim and...

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The Gäurandweg


The “Gäurandweg” is the easternmost long-distance trail between the Northern Black Forest in the West and the “Heckengäu” in the East under...

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Wildsee and Kaltenbronn


The moorland represents pure Black Forest Nature. On wooden planks you move deeper into the bog where you will discover pure and unspoilt...

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