raftsmen festival

09.02.2018 raftsmen festival

raftsmen festival

The traditional raftsmen festival takes place at the Monhardter Wasserstube every two years. You have the chance to get to know old woodland jobs and witness the highlight when the raftsmen go through the "waterstreet" of the Monhardter Wasserstube by a raft.

When it is 11am and there is a loud "Jockele sperr", you know the cozy idyll at the Monhardter Wasserstube is over. That is the start of the traditional festival by the raftsmen guild Oberes Nagoldtal with many demonstrations of old craftmanships. As always, the Highlight of the day is the traditional raft ride on the Nagold river in the afternoon.

Needless to say, raftsmen will demonstrate and tell stories about their ancient handicraft. Take part at the "Wiedendrehen" and get a demonstration of how these raftsmen boil the trees and twist them to make up rope, so that they can bundle their rafts. Explore the world and handicraft of the raftsmen!