Shepherds Run

07.20.2018 - 07.23.2018 Shepherds Run

Shepherds Run

The shepherds run in Wildberg takes place every 2 years and this time, it is going to start on the 20th of july with the staging called "the monastery shepherd and the devil's puppeteer". Be invited to explore the life of a shepherd and discover this solem tradition, which casts a spell over its visitors for almost 300 years.

Finally the time has come again! Traditionally, the Wildberger Shepherds run starts again with the staging of "The monastery shepherd and the devil's puppeteer". Also part of this great event are some highlights such as the herding-competition, the exciting Shepherds Run and the following ceremony to celebrate the Schäferkönig ( winner of the male run) and the Schäferkönigin ( winner of the female run)

Additionally, there will be all kinds of competitions and informations regarding sheeps. Also there is going to be a catering, if you ever get the feeling that you are hungry and some artisans are going to exhibit their products. Lastly, when the event is ending, there will be a magical firework at night.