Game enclosures

Watching and feeding animals in nature – just trace our native game species. Discover the game enclosures that are mentioned below. The only thing you need is a keen nose.


The red deer enclosure covering an area of 3.5 hectares corresponds to the natural habitat of our biggest native game species. The site accommodates up to twelve animals and offers all welfare requirements like space and food. The annual offspring of three to four calves represents a particular highlight especially for kids. You can visit the deer anytime you like. The wildlife preserve is located between the private clinic “Dr. Römer” and the “Seuffer” company in Calw-Hirsau. You will find parking facilities opposite the financial authorities directly above the wildlife park.


About 37 boars are being protected in the Calw-Wimberg wildlife park. Within an area of about five hectares the boars are offered wide spaces and good food. You can get real close to the animals when going over the bridge. Be brave! What can you discover? The game enclosure is located at a distance of only about 300 m from the forest parking lot “Zavelsteiner Straße”.