Interview with the sauna master

The sauna Pinea is one of the pride and joys of the Paracelsus Therme at Bad Liebenzell! Learn more about why the sauna master has turned his passion into a career and what makes the sauna Pinea so special!

Editor: Hello Mr. Frey, you pursue a literally hot profession!

Mr. F: (laughs) Completely right! As a sauna master the heat shouldn’t bother you. I love my profession as it combines both the nature experience and staying in contact to people searching for rest and Relaxation.

Ed: Can you describe your work?

WF: I am extremely lucky being able to work in a modern and completely refurbished thermal bath. Sauna Pinea is just terrific. The panoramic sauna offers brilliant views over the Nagold valley, our picturesque small town as well as the Bad Liebenzell castle. I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful place to work!

Ed: And what are the infusions good for?

WF: Well, to use Mr. Paracelsus’ words who gave the sauna its name: “The dose makes the poison” which means not everyone tolerates the same dose of infusions. Therefore the infusions are individually adjusted to our guests’ wishes. Beginners need advice. Moreover you can mix the infusions with delicious-smelling essences. Each person is different. This also refers to scents. Some of our guests like fresh lemony scents others prefer floral fragrances and, especially on cold winter days, our guests ask for rich fragrances.

Ed: Well, this is a very sensual experience, isn’t it? But don’t you offer special events as well?

WF: Yes, exactly. Among other events we also offer our guests midnight saunas and monthly

Ed: So you read poems while making infusions?

WF: No, I recite poetry. The guests already know that this event takes place on the last Saturday of a month. And, to my pleasure, I have to mention that I have many regular guests then.

Ed: What kind of poetry do you recite?

WF: Well, it varies. The spectrum ranges from Matthias Claudius to modern poems. It

Ed: Brilliant! Come – discover – relax as it is the slogan of the Paracelsus Therme.

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