The Gäurandweg

The “Gäurandweg” is the easternmost long-distance trail between the Northern Black Forest in the West and the “Heckengäu” in the East under the guidance of the Schwarzwaldverein, the Black Forest Association. The route covers five stages leading from the town of Mühlacker to Freudenstadt.

The Gäurandweg trail is marked with a green hash with a red rosehip. Like the enchanted Sleeping Beauty, this trail wants to be kissed in order to be woken up and is waiting to be rediscovered. Simply magical! The trail offers a variety of pleasures: pure nature, lush green and a high diversity. We recommend to take a five stages hike and to make use of our special “hiking without luggage” package. The Tourist Information Office in Calw will be happy to assist you in planning your trip. Enjoy your hike with a light backpack and fast legs!

General information:

Difficulty level: moderate

Duration: 5 day stages, 121.7 km

Start: Mühlacker

Finish: Freudenstadt