The “Westweg”

The „Westweg“ is probably the most well-known and definitely Germany’s oldest longdistance trail. It starts in the city of Pforzheim and finishes in the city of Basle covering a distance of 285 km. Start off now and enjoy this amazing hike!

Stage 1 and 2 Pforzheim – Dobel – Forbach

Starting from the Pforzheim train station, the first two stages of your hike lead you to the city of Forbach. Along your way you will enjoy the profound beauty of tall and deep green fir trees. And this is no surprise as you are passing through the Northern Black Forest! From Dobel you are crossing marshy hill tops offering splendid views over numerous deeply carved valleys and soughing coniferous forests. After crossing a historic wooden bridge in Forbach you will have completed your first two stages of the Westweg

Explorer’s tip

Enjoyed that and want some more? The Northern Black Forest can offer you a lot more longdistance trails covering multiple stages! Why not check out the “Ostweg” or the “Mittelweg” and become a passionate hiker.

General information:

Difficulty level: hard

Duration of both tours: approx. 7 hours each, 49.6 km

Start: Pforzheim Kupferhammer

Finish: Forbach